Good. Great. GUDE.

Product Overview - Miscellaneous

DCF77 Antenna 0220
Signal DCF77
Interface BNC
Antenna type Active ferrite rod
Cable length 5 m
Desk/Wall Bracket 0871
Material Steel plate, black
Suitable for 19 inch devices
Measure 19 inch
Weight ca. 360 g
Cable Holder 0872
Material Steel plate
Number of cable fixations 13
Measure 19 inch
Weight ca. 280 g
DIN Rail Mounting Clip 0860
Material Hard plastic
Fixation screws 4
DIN rail attachement Flexible latch
Weight ca. 10 g
Combined Signaling Device 7940
Alarm optical or acoustical
Sound pressure 100 dB
Power supply 12 V
Material plastic
Dimensions 122x73x43 mm
Jack Plug Adapter 7960
Connection 1 3.5mm jack
Connection 2 3-pole terminal
Dimensions 15x10x5mm
Weight approx. 15 g
GUDE Care warranty extension
Repair or replacement yes
Period 3, 4 or 5 years
Deadline 3 months after buy
Products all devices of GUDE
PRTG Network Monitor Software
Environment monitoring real-time
KPI visualization yes
Device templates available yes
Trial version 30 days