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Combined Signaling Device 7940

Optical and acoustic alarm device

The Combined Signaling Device 7940 is the ideal supplement for monitoring systems of GUDE. Because of its simple installation at a 12 V connection, it turns existing remote monitoring devices quickly into an alarm system. In case of an alarm event, a siren and/or flashlight is triggered immediately.

In a sturdy plastic housing, it is suitable for indoor and sheltered outdoor use.


Combined Signaling Device 7940


  • Useful supplement to GUDE monitoring systems
  • Choice of optical or acoustic alarm
  • For indoor and sheltered outdoor use
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Sturdy plastic housing


    • Extends existing alarm chains in a breath
    • Triggered alarms optionally as optic or optic-acoustical signals
    • Interval tone at over 100 dB sound pressure
    • Red flashlight shines brightly
    • Easy installation indoors and sheltered outdoors (IP34)
    • Compact plastic housing: (LxWxH) 122 x 73 x 43 mm
    • Power supply by external 12 V
    • Length of connection cable: 400 mm

    Suitable for the following monitoring devices with 12 V connection:

    Electrical Connections
    3-core connection cable
    Technical Details
    Siren sound pressure: 100 dB
    Flashlight frequency: 2 Hz
    Power supply: 12 V
    Material: Plastic
    LxWxH: 122x73x43 mm
    Length of connection cable: 400 mm
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    Combined Signaling Device 7940
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