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Temperature/Humidity Sensor 7002

Temperature/Humidity Sensor for all products with Mini-DIN sensor interface

Sensor 7002 is a hybrid sensor that contains a combined temperature and humidity sensor. Both parameteres are measured and evaluated at the same time. The hybrid sensor is automatically detected once connected to the Mini-DIN port of the device. No further configurations are required.


Temperature/Humidity Sensor 7002


  • Temperature and humidity sensor in one device
  • Sensor is automatically detected (plug-and-play)
  • Length: 2.3 m with Mini-DIN interface
  • Compatible to all devices with Mini-DIN sensor interface (non-condensing environment)
Temperature sensorHumidity sensor
Electrical Connections
1 cable connector with Mini-DIN plug (2.3 m)
Technical Details
Temperature measuring accuracy: ±0.5 °C
Humidity measuring accuracy: ±3%
Cable: ca. 2.3 m (without plug and sensor head)
Weight: ca. 80 g
Operating conditions temperature: -20 °C to +80 °C
Operating conditions humidity: 0-90%
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Temperature/Humidity Sensor 7002
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