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Thermal Fire Detector 7312

Thermal Fire Detector for devices with PTR multiconnector

The Thermal Fire Detector 7312 allows room monitoring for possible events with critical heat generation. The sensor is mounted on the ceiling and connected to the corresponding free industrial terminal inputs of the GUDE product. The warning detector detects a temperature exceeding 60 °C or a rise of more than 5 °C within 3 minutes. In this case, a signal is sent to the connected GUDE product, which triggers a corresponding alarm message. This makes the Thermal Fire Detector 7312 suitable for monitoring a room with high smoke or dust levels.


Thermal Fire Detector 7312


  • Thermal sensor for alarming temperature rises
  • Easy to put into operation
  • Ideal for rooms with high levels of smoke or dust
  • Supply via 12 V operating voltage
  • For GUDE devices with industrial terminal connection


      • Thermal sensor for detecting temperature changes
      • Sensor can be put into operation quickly and easily via industrial terminal connection
      • Power supply via 12 V
      • Can also be used in damp rooms
      • Suitable for the following GUDE products:

      Expert Net Control 2111
      Expert Net Control 2302-1
      Expert Sensor Box 7214 Series

      Electrical Connections
      Screw terminal NO or NC
      Technical Details
      Plastic housing, HxD: 46 x 100 mm
      Operating voltage: 12 V DC
      Max. operating temperature: 50 °C
      Max. Humidity: 95 %
      Weight: approx. 150 g
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      Thermal Fire Detector 7312
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