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Secured remote maintenance: switchable IP power distributors with redundant GSM channel


Press Release of GUDE Systems GmbH

Department: Network/Energy Management, IT Security, Managed Services, AV technology
Koeln, 31.03.2020

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Secured remote maintenance: switchable IP power distributors with redundant GSM channel

The new Power Distribution Units (PDU) from GUDE allow the control, energy measurement and monitoring of up to 12 connected consumers via LAN and additionally via GSM network

With the new generation of Expert Power Control devices, GUDE Systems GmbH presents a series of power distribution systems for professional installations. The switchable LAN sockets are integrated in stable metal housings and are suitable for horizontal installation in 19-inch cabinets. The PDUs are available in versions with 8 or 12 connections for consumers with IEC C13 or safety socket plugs. The connected devices can thus be controlled remotely and switched off and on in the event of a fault. The integrated energy meters offer precise measurement and recording of power consumption.

Solution for industry-specific problems

Operators of IT infrastructures are regularly confronted with questions such as: How can downtimes of system critical IT components be reduced? How can the high energy costs in IT operations be overcome? How can irregularities in the IT environment, such as increased temperatures in the server rack, be promptly detected, thus enabling fast reactions? And above all: How can it be ensured that the operator retains control of the IT hardware even if the local network (LAN) fails? The four core functions of the Expert Power Control 8032 and 8042 Series offer adequate solutions for this:

     1. Switch consumer
The PDUs have 8 or 12 sockets on the rear panel for IEC C13 or safety plugs. This allows connected devices to be switched on and off as required. This can also be scheduled, event-based and fully automated thanks to integrated switching routines.

2. Redundant communication
The GSM connectivity of the PDUs provides the operator with a redundant control channel: The integrated GSM module enables control via SMS, voice call and datacall. The alarm centre can also be informed by an SMS trap. This ensures control even if the primary network fails.

3. Measuring energy
Integrated energy meters help to ensure sustainable operation of the IT infrastructure. Furthermore, warnings are issued when fault currents occur, therefore enabling the user to carry out preventive maintenance measures.

4. Monitor the environment
Optionally available sensors allow monitoring of ambient temperature, humidity and air pressure. System-critical conditions can thus be detected early on.

Functions at a glance

  • Variants with up to 12 switchable load outputs (8x IEC C13, 8x safety sockets type F, 12x IEC C13)
  • Remote monitoring and switching of connected consumers: event-based switching, remote start, programmable on/off sequences, automatic switch-on delay to limit switch-on currents
  • Load outputs can be switched when preset sensor limit values are exceeded
  • Integrated GSM module for so-called out-of-band management: control and alarm via SMS, voice call and datacall in case of primary network failure
  • Measurement of current, voltage, phase angle, power factor, frequency, active, apparent and reactive power
  • Residual current monitoring (RCM type A)
  • Location-independent access via web interface
  • Easy-to-read LED display for displaying total current, IP address, sensor values and error messages
  • Environmental monitoring thanks to sensor connections and optionally available sensors (temperature, humidity, air pressure)
  • Generation of messages (e-mail, syslog and SNMP traps)
  • Controllable via iOS- and Android-App
  • Support of IPv6, SNMPv3, SSL, Telnet, Radius and Modbus TCP
  • Compatible with popular monitoring software solutions such as PRTG, Nagios or Power IQ
  • Easy integration into AV control systems
  • Low own consumption
  • Developed and produced in Germany
Application areasIT server and network cabinets, Managed service environments, AV installations, corporate networks, CoLocation racks
MountingNetwork cabinets 19 inch, 1 RU
DimensionsLxHxD: 43.9 x 4.4 x 19.5 cm (without brackets)
AvailabilityImmediately through the manufacturer and distribution partners
Available accessories   GSM antenna, external sensors (temperature, humidity, air pressure), IEC extension cable, cable holder, desk/wall mount

The company

GUDE is a family-run manufacturer of innovative ICT equipment for over 30 years. The company’s products aim at optimizing and enhancing ICT, AV and industrial infrastructure that is typically encountered in network, server or media racks. The product portfolio includes Power Distribution Units (PDU), LAN sensors and radio clock systems. All devices are developed and manufactured in Germany to meet the quality requirements that customers place on reliable IT infrastructures.


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