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Metered Power Distribution Units

Within the active PDUs, a distinction can be made between switched and metered PDUs. These power strips are also often referred to as smart PDUs.


Metered PDU

This type of PDU disposes of metering capabilities that measures the consumption of connected devices. This may include measuring of electrical dimensions such as voltage, current, phase angle, power factor, frequency, effective, apparent and reactive power. In addition, a configuration of threshold values ​​for the measured dimension is possible, enabling e-mail alerts if they are exceeded.

There are three types of these PDUs:

Unit-metered PDU
The measurement takes place at the input side or per bank of the PDU

Outlet-metered PDU
The measurement takes place at each output of the PDU, i.e. per connected consumer

Inline-metered PDU
The measurement takes place within the PDU. It is installed before the power distribution to equip passive PDUs with measurement capabilities.


An overview of the unit- and inline-metered PDUs available at GUDE is provided in the following. Further information can be found on the detail pages of the respective PDU. A comparative overview of the features of the smart power distribution strips can be found in this comparison chart.

Expert PDU Energy 8301 Series
Type of PDU inline-metered
Energy meter 2 per phase
Metering current/voltage yes
Metering electr. dimensions yes
Environment monitoring by 1 sensor port
Mounting height 19 inch rack 0 RU (vertical)
Expert PDU Energy 8340 / 8341
Type of PDU inline-metered
Output 2 or 4 x IEC C19
Energy meter 2 per phase
Residual current meter Type A
Security IPv6, SSL, SNMPv3
Environment monitoring by 2 sensor ports
Mounting height 19 inch rack 1 RU