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Switched & Metered DC PDU

Active switched and metered PDUs are usually IP power distribution units that provide Alternating Current (AC). In GUDE Systems portfolio, most power distribution units belong to this category.

In addition, remote power switches can also provide Direct Current (DC). This is particularly interesting if consumers from the IT or AV sector are to be connected to the IP socket strip: Many of these end devices require a low voltage of 5V, 12V or 24V and can be supplied directly by a DC PDU. The individual power supply units of the end devices can then be dispensed with.

The following is an overview of the switched and metered DC PDUs available from GUDE. They have the features described above. Further information can be found on the detailed pages of the respective PDU.

Expert Power Control 8291-1
Type of PDU switch/meter.AC/DC
Output 4x AC,17x DC
Input IEC C20 (16 A)
Metering current Unit metered
Residual current monitor Type A
Security IPv6, SSL, SNMPv3
Environment monitoring by 2 sensor ports