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Expert Power Control 8210 / 8211

8-fold switched PDU with integrated current metering for TCP/IP networks

Expert Power Control 8210 / 8211 enables switching and metering of electrical appliances through TCP/IP network or serial interface. Eight load outlets (max. 10 A) are integrated on the rear panel (8210) or front panel (8211). These Power Ports are individually switchable through web interface, serial interface, SNMP or a button directly on the device. The sensor interface allows monitoring of ambient temperature and humidity by optional available sensors.   

Our new generation PDUs are recommended for new projects: Expert Power Control 8021, 8031 and 8041 have enhanced features such as SSL, IPv6, Telnet, residual current measurement and overvoltage protection.


Expert Power Control 8210 / 8211


  • 8 switchable load outlets
  • Watchdog functionality for load outlets
  • Metering of total current
  • Big LED display
  • 2 interfaces for optional sensors or RS232
  • Free smartphone app for remote access


  • 8 Power Ports individually switchable directly on the device, via HTTP, command line tool and RS232 serial interface
  • 19 inch case for server racks (1 height unit)
  • Status and power-up delay individually adjustable for each Power Port after power blackout (0...9999 seconds)
  • Latency time of 1 second prevents simultaneous power-up of multiple Power Ports
  • Programmable turn-on/turn-off sequence (batch mode) enabling automatic switching of Power Ports to previous state after configurable time period
  • Previous state of Power Ports can be automatically restored after reboot of device
  • 8-channel watchdog, an individual watchdog (ICMP/TCP) can be assigned for each Power Port
  • Clearly visible LED display for total current (actual, peak), IP address, sensor data and error reports
  • 2 interfaces for optional sensors for environmental monitoring (see Accessories)
  • Internal beeper for acoustic alarm for set sensor thresholds
  • Dedicated high-inrush relays avoid welding of relay contacts at start-up peaks
  • Free Android App and iPhone App allow access from anywhere
  • Low internal power consumption, max. 5 watts
  • Developed and manufactured in Germany


  • Dynamic IP address allocation by DHCP or manual allocation with static IP address
  • Firmware update over Ethernet during operations (without reboot of device or load outlets)
  • SNMP Get/Traps (SNMPv1, SNMPv2c)
  • Syslog support
  • E-mail support
  • IP Access Control List
  • Access control through optional HTTP password
  • Comfortable configuration by web browser, Windows or Linux tool
  • 10/100 Mbit/s
Switchable Power PortLoad outlets IEC (max. 10 A)RS232 interfaceNetwork interfaceCurrent meteringProgrammable turn-on/-off sequenceInterface for external sensorsiPhone/Android App for remote access
Electrical Connections
1 power supply (IEC C20, max. 16 A)
8 load outlets (IEC Lock C13, max. 10 A)
1 Ethernet connector RJ45 (10/100 Mbit/s)
2 Mini-DIN connectors for optional sensors or serial interface
Technical Details
19 inch, 1 height unit
LxHxD: 43.9 x 4.4 x 12.0 cm (without brackets)
Weight: ca. 2.2 kg
Maximum current (total): 16 A (≈ 3600 W)
Maximum current (per port): 10 A (≈ 2200 W)
Power consumption: ca. 5 W
Operating temperature: 0-50 °C
Storage temperature: -20 - 70 °C
Relative humidity: 0 - 95 % (non-condensing environment)
Order code
8210 (power ports on rear panel)
8211 (power ports on front panel)
Scope of delivery
Expert Power Control 8210 / 8211
Quick start guide
Description File name Version Date Size Changes to previous version/Comments
Manual manual-epc8210-8211.pdf 1.1 04/11/2020 6.54 MB

User manual

Product Brief gude-product-brief-epc8210-8211-8212-8213.pdf 04/04/2019 319.02 KB

Short product description

Quick Start Guide schnellstart_quickstart_ip-devices.pdf 1.4 23/09/2019 914.35 KB

Quick start guide (leaflet)

Declaration ce-declaration_epc8210-8211-8212-8213_02-07-2018.pdf 02/07/2018 108.19 KB

CE declaration of conformity

Firmware (Bootloader 4.x) firmware-epc_8210-8211_v4.2.12.bin 4.2.12 05/12/2019 257.72 KB

Latest firmware, requires 'gblconf' or 'gblc' for installation

Attention: Requires firmware and bootloader version 4.x

• Bugfixes: General bugfixes

Firmware (Bootloader 3.x) firmware-epc8210-8211_v3.0.1.bin 3.0.1 03/07/2012 196.96 KB

Preceding firmware, requires 'gblconf' or 'gblc' for installation

Attention: Requires firmware and bootloader version 3.x

System Tool 2.7.13 10/02/2021 755.47 KB

Windows-Tool for firmware updates and network configuration

System Tool gblc-v0.7.11.tar.gz 0.7.11 11/08/2015 139.15 KB

Linux-Tool for firmware updates and network configuration