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Transfer Switches

Transfer switches are devices that can switch to an alternative power supply line if required. In this way, redundancy is increased, so that a single point of failure for connected consumers is avoided. A distinction can be made between manual transfer switches (bypass switch) and automatic transfer switches (ATS).

With the Expert Bypass Switch and the Expert Transfer Switch (ATS), GUDE offers power distribution systems that provide adequate functionality to increase the reliability and availability of existing IT equipment landscapes. Further information can be found on the detail pages of the respective PDU. A comparative overview of the features of the transfer switches can be found in this comparison chart.

Expert Transfer Switch 8801-1
Type of transfer switch automatic
Input 2 x IEC C20
Output 6x IEC C13/1x C19
Residual current meter Type A
Security IPv6, SSL, SNMPv3
Environment monitoring by 2 sensor ports
Mounting height 19 inch rack 1 RU