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EMC Professional 3011

19 inch time server with integrated radio time receiver for industrial environments

EMC Professional 3011 is a radio time receiver for PC networks. The device delivers the atomic radio time based on DCF77 signal to the entire network by its integrated NTP server. It disposes of a BNC interface for connection of an external active antenna. In case of reception interferences, an internal temperature compensated real time clock continues to run. The sensor interface allows monitoring of ambient temperature of this 19-inch device by optional available sensors.


EMC Professional 3011


  • Atomic radio time based on DCF77 signal
  • Stand-alone NTP time server
  • Ideal reception through active ferrite rod antenna
  • LC display for date and time
  • Battery buffered real time clock
  • Signal monitor
  • Interface for temperature sensor


  • Receives DCF77 time and date at a radius of ca. 2000 km around Frankfurt/Main
  • Stand-alone NTP time server
  • Ideal reception through active DCF77 Antenna 0220 (included in delivery)
  • Battery buffered and temperature compensated real time clock
  • Signal monitor
  • LC display for time and date
  • Switchable potential-free relay output (24 V, 0.5 A)
  • Interface for optional temperature sensor (see Accessories)
  • Low internal power consumption, typ. 5 W
  • Developed and manufactured in Germany


  • Dynamic IP address allocation by DHCP or manual allocation with static IP address
  • Firmware update over Ethernet during operations (without reboot of device)
  • SNMP Get/Traps (SNMPv1, SNMPv2c)
  • Syslog support
  • IP Access Control List
  • Access control through optional HTTP password
  • Comfortable configuration by web browser, Windows or Linux tool
  • 10/100 Mbit/s
RS232 interfaceSwitching relay outputNetwork interfaceInterface for external sensors
Electrical Connections
1 power supply (IEC C14)
1 Ethernet connector RJ45 (10/100 Mbit/s)
1 switchable output (PTR multiconnector, 2-fold)
1 serial interface RS232 (Sub-D, 9-pin)
1 BNC connection for active ferrite rod antenna
1 sensor interface RJ11 for optional sensor
Technical Details
19 inch, 1 height unit
LxHxD: 43.9 x 4.4 x 15.0 cm (without brackets)
Weight: ca. 2.2 kg
Antenna cable length: ca. 5 m (extendable up to 100 m)
Operating temperature: 0-50 °C
Storage temperature: -20 - 70 °C
Relative humidity: 0 - 95 % (non-condensing environment)
Order code
Scope of delivery
EMC Professional 3011
DCF77 Antenna 0220
LAN cable
RS232 cable
Power supply unit (safety socket - IEC C14)
Quick start guide
Description File name Version Date Size Changes to previous version/Comments
Manual manual-emc3001-3011.pdf 2.3 04/11/2020 966.67 KB

User manual

Manual anleitung-emc3001-3011_novell.pdf 1.0 02/12/2004 610.31 KB

Manual for operation under Novell (German)

Product Brief gude-product-brief-emc3001-3011.pdf 04/04/2019 240.12 KB

Short product description

Quick Start Guide schnellstart_quickstart_ip-devices.pdf 1.4 12/04/2021 914.35 KB

Quick start guide (leaflet)

Declaration ce-declaration_emc3001-3011_02-07-2018.pdf 02/07/2018 111.84 KB

CE declaration of conformity

Technical Drawing tech-zeichnung-emc3011.pdf 09/04/2008 38.02 KB

Technical drawing with dimensions

Firmware firmware-emc3001-3011_v1.7.11.bin 1.7.11 29/03/2021 169.61 KB

Latest firmware, requires 'gblconf' or 'gblc' for installation

• Bugfixes: Display errors

System Tool 2.7.13 10/02/2021 755.47 KB

Windows-Tool for firmware updates and network configuration

System Tool gblc-v0.7.11.tar.gz 0.7.11 11/08/2015 139.15 KB

Linux-Tool for firmware updates and network configuration