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High Inrush Relays

Transformers, computer power supplies, electric motors and light bulbs typically have a high inrush current. This can be more than 10 times the operating current. The duration of the increased inrush current can be several milliseconds depending on the type of electrical load.

computer power supply with 450 W output power can already cause an inrush current more than 30 A. Relays with inappropriate contact materials are prone to lead to a permanent welding of relay contacts. As a consequence, they can no longer be switched off. Such relays are typically used in low-cost electric appliances.

In all Gude devices switching at 230 V, only so called high inrush relays are being used. Besides the 16 A continuous current, these relays can withstand inrush currents of 80 A.

Details High-Inrush Relays
max. 4 sec   30 A
max. 20 ms  80 A